Saturday, January 15, 2011

Special Delivery!

I received the sweetest, most beautiful package in the mail yesterday.  Tomorrow....I will share pictures when the light is better and I can capture the nuances of this special delivery.  Sorry to make you wait.  I will say this....IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  Beyond my expectations!  The attention to detail is amazing! is a hint:  2 Bags Full

I know there are a lot of bloggy friends out there who love birds and nests as much as I do.  You are the friends who will like this the most. 

I promise....I'll be back tomorrow with the goods!

And to dear, and you are so dear to me and to many others as well, I am sure.  I am awestruck!


  1. {Sigh} Did you get a knitted nest?!!! Oh my gosh, I love them. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's wonderful!


  2. Ooh...can't wait to see what you got!! I love surprises:):)

  3. Happy Monday, Carol!
    I wanted to stop by
    and thank you for your
    very kind words about
    my Gigi. As always,your
    blog is a true respite.
    I am wondering about this
    treasure that you got in
    the mail? Hmmmm....surprises
    are wonderful...LOVE them,
    as you so eloquently put it
    in your last post! And I
    love your enthusiasm ~
    thank you!
    xx Suzanne


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