Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a Little White Today...

This post officially marks 75 posts for A Bird in Hand.  It amazes me that I have felt the need to share thoughts/experiences/ideas 75 times! 

Today, I just have a couple of pictures to share for Faded Charm's White Wednesday!  Okay...I have to admit that this white stuff is starting to grow on me!!  I'm finding it very peaceful.  I may even try a room of it one day if the right home and room presents itself.  That is MAJOR for this color-loving girl to admit!!  I am especially digging the idea of a white painted floor.  You must check out the gorgeous kitchen at Pink Satin Sashes.  The handmade cabinets....the white painted floor....really beautiful.

I digress (as I often do).....

From one of my favorite blogs...Blomsterverkstad.
Do you see that painted floor....and the
ceiling?  I like the dash of color here and there,
like the green bench in the foreground.

Another picture from the same website.
Minna has such incredible style.
How many of you, like me, long to fly to
Sweden to take some of her classes?
My bucket list is getting very long!
I had hoped to include pictures of my vintage secretary turned art supply storage, but it appears the pictures are in my home computer.  I think I'll save them for Vintage Inspiration Friday instead.

Many wonderful Wednesday wishes to you!! 


  1. How absolutely beautiful! I am glad I found
    your blog...I love it!

    Flora Doora

  2. Carol,
    These pictures are stunning! I, too, have learned to really appreciate white!

  3. Hi Carol...thanks for sharing such beauty today! I am off to check out your shop!

  4. HI Carol ~ Such a pretty blog you have ~ so peaceful. New follower.


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