Friday, January 28, 2011

Late to the Party!

I hope I'm not too late!  This day has truly gotten away from me. I knew if I didn't stop everything right now and get this post out, it would not happen today.  I've been really enjoying linking up to Debra's Common Ground Vintage Inspiration Friday.  I love seeing everyone's inspiration and have met many new friends as a result.  And this evening I'm experiencing some computer....well, let's call them "challenges" as I keep losing my connection.  So really....I hope I'm not too late.....

I found this old secretary top a few years ago and initally planned to sell it.  Uhhhh...that won't be happening now.  (Tell me I'm not the only one who does this!!) It is truly one of my favorite pieces.  I am pleased to finally have found a place where I can really enjoy it.  When we enclosed our back porch last summer and made it the sunroom, the perfect spot opened up.  I don't know how old it is, but I do know that it is old.  She came complete with this old chippy painted iron fish tank stand (that I really should spray with a clear coat).  I think they make a perfect match.

Here she her own special corner.
I love the leaded glass windows as a

There are a few more things stuffed
into this basket by now.

It is home to my art supplies.
That sound funny to me.
I have never thought of myself as someone
who has art supplies, but
here they are, nonetheless.

This is what I found once I started sanding.
It was just what I had wanted to add so I did nothing
but a little more cleaning and sanding.
I love it!

This is truly my favorite spot in the house.
I've shared these pics in an old post, but they spoke to me again today as vintage inspiration.  My sunroom has really evolved with the addition of a small vintage kitchen work table as my little desk and lots more "art supplies."  I'm thinking of adding it to the new Gypsy Brocante porch party.  Have you visited Jill before?  Love her style so much!  I so wish I could get away with wearing her style, which is so my style as well, every day.  How would the women in their business suits at my work react to that????  I have been told that I have a "style" before.  I say, "Really?"  Hmmmm....interesting.  I'll have to ponder that some more.

Many wonderful weekend wishes, my dear bloggy friends!


  1. Love this room too! Glad you did not sell this beautiful piece ~ it looks just perfect there!

  2. Oh so that is what that thing is called! We have one in the shop waiting for me to paint...Love the sunroom...and the leaded glass windows.

  3. Hi sweet Carol, I just love this room of yours!!! And the desk is so wonderful, don't you ever get rid of it!!! I love the leaded glass windows too ~ perfect for the space ~ I hope you are doing great... hugs and love, Dawn

  4. What a nice room!!!! So cozy looking!

  5. Hi Carol, first of all I love your sunporch and the leaded glass windows, so wonderful and wow, that darling cabinet is perfect for that tank stand! I love it all, and yep, I buy things intending to sell, but they just can't leave the house! LOL. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!


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