Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Longing for Fall

It is that time of year again when I'm so tired of summer.  My garden is fried to a crisp.  I have not been out in it in months (shame on me, but I really dislike the heat).  I'm reading in a couple of gardening blogs that it is time to put out some seeds for a winter crop.....carrots, peas, greens.  Okay.  Maybe I will try that.  I do have seeds in packages that haven't been opened.  It can't hurt to sow them just to see what happens. 

In my longing for my favorite season, I think I will actually start some holiday decorating.  My heart really hasn't been in it for the last couple of years, but because my Kloe Angel lives with us, I will do just about anything.  Yes....I admit it, she has me hog-tied and wrapped around her every finger.....and I love it!  So, perhaps this weekend I'll get started.  I will enjoy unpacking my fall and Halloween decorations that I haven't seen in awhile.  I'll take pics to share.

I am still hoping to attend this.....

My mother and brother live in Smyrna.  My husband's family (parents and siblings) live in Forsythe and Newnan.  Looks like a grand time to get all the gals together and enjoy cool weather (please pray for cool temps for me!!) and browsing around in the mountain air.  I somehow have to make the trip happen.  It is really getting close.

In my happy place (Camden, Maine) it is currently 70 degrees and it dips into the mid- to upper-50's in the evenings.  I can think of nothing more perfect....weather-wise, of course.

My apologies if it seems like I am whining.  It is the heat, really, I promise! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Come Back to the Mat

I know I have been quite out of touch of late.  I'm still not to the point when I can fully sit down and get caught up reading my favorites and writing a worthy post myself.  However.....when I got this email I knew I would have to stop everything to share it with you right quick!  I have not fully read it all myself, but the words ONE WEEK FREE YOGA definitely caught my attention.  Hopefully, it will be something you can take advantage of in your hometown as well.  Please read the prepared text I received from my Yoga Journal Newsletter......Namaste.

ONE WEEK FREE YOGA and TITANS OF YOGA movie world premiere to kick-off National Yoga Month September

When was the last time you felt drained by your stressful day, struggled with weight control or had trouble concentrating? Bring a little downward dog into your life and you could see drastic improvement. The ultimate goal of yoga is to develop mind and body free of chronic strain. Whether you’re looking for a change in lifestyle or simply looking for better stress management, yoga can help. Yoga is one of the oldest known sciences in the world and is widely acknowledged as a highly effective complementary alternative medicine. So, as we all explore ways to take better care of ourselves and even reduce health care costs, it gives us a proven way to do so.

September is official National Yoga Month. Cards worth ONE WEEK FREE YOGA and FREE YOGA CLASSES are available to all who visit www.yogamonth.org. Get off the couch and onto the yoga mat in the name of better health.

For the first time ever, TITANS OF YOGA - an empowering and inspirational movie and the Official National Yoga Month movie - brings together twenty-five of the most prominent figures in the worlds of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, from Dr. Dean Ornish, a physician consultant to President Clinton, to Lilias Folan, the “First Lady of Yoga.” As they share their own life experiences from the tragic to the ecstatic, the Titans embark on a journey of self-discovery that touches and inspires. Their tales of addiction and heartache, depression, an HIV positive diagnosis and a penchant for sex, drugs and rock-and-roll will move you as they share how they overcame these challenges and transformed them into their greatest life victories. Proceeds benefit Yoga-Recess in School to bring yoga-based health education into classrooms. To watch the trailer www.yogamonth.org.

National Yoga Month is a grassroots campaign administered by the Yoga Health Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. All funds benefit the national awareness campaign and Yoga-Recessin School to bring yoga-based health and fitness education into classrooms.

Really, what excuse could I possibly come up with to not take advantage of a free class or two?  I even have my two mats out in the living room for my almost-crawling 8-month-old granddaughter, Kloe to use to perfect her technique.  What excuse do I have for not at least working on my downward facing dog and stretch out my forever tight right hip while I'm down there with her?  I'm getting there.  After a couple of bad snack choices and the pain that followed, I am back to center with eating about 90% vegan.  What started out as almost two weeks of that good eating, why would I even decide the bad snack was okay?  I actually found myself being thankful for the pain.  Knowing there would be pain and other repercusions is the kind of motivation this hard head needs.  So when I come "back to the mat" with my eating, my insides find peace.  It is time to come back to the mat....literally....to my yoga mat and with time, my body will find peace as well.  It is where I want to be.  It is what I want to be.  I am the only one who can make it happen.  Again, I say to you......Namaste.