Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Longing for Fall

It is that time of year again when I'm so tired of summer.  My garden is fried to a crisp.  I have not been out in it in months (shame on me, but I really dislike the heat).  I'm reading in a couple of gardening blogs that it is time to put out some seeds for a winter crop.....carrots, peas, greens.  Okay.  Maybe I will try that.  I do have seeds in packages that haven't been opened.  It can't hurt to sow them just to see what happens. 

In my longing for my favorite season, I think I will actually start some holiday decorating.  My heart really hasn't been in it for the last couple of years, but because my Kloe Angel lives with us, I will do just about anything.  Yes....I admit it, she has me hog-tied and wrapped around her every finger.....and I love it!  So, perhaps this weekend I'll get started.  I will enjoy unpacking my fall and Halloween decorations that I haven't seen in awhile.  I'll take pics to share.

I am still hoping to attend this.....

My mother and brother live in Smyrna.  My husband's family (parents and siblings) live in Forsythe and Newnan.  Looks like a grand time to get all the gals together and enjoy cool weather (please pray for cool temps for me!!) and browsing around in the mountain air.  I somehow have to make the trip happen.  It is really getting close.

In my happy place (Camden, Maine) it is currently 70 degrees and it dips into the mid- to upper-50's in the evenings.  I can think of nothing more perfect....weather-wise, of course.

My apologies if it seems like I am whining.  It is the heat, really, I promise! 


  1. Hi sweet Carol!!! I feel the same way about the heat!!! It is smothering to me ~ and I'm so loving that fall is on it's way!! I would LOVE LOVE to go to the Country Living fair as well ~ I'll have to wait till a little closer to time to know if I can. So much is going on around here :) I hope you're having a great week dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  2. So you probably won't want to hear that I just made a trip to Camden on the day that you wrote this...true. A friend had flown in to see us from CA and she had never been there. It IS a happy place. Hope you get some cooler weather dear! ~Lili


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