Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

I received the compliment of a lifetime today when I opened my email and saw that there was a comment to "moderate" from an older blog post.  My first thought was, "Hmm, how nice that someone was looking through my blog posts."  Truthfully, I haven't been a very good blog hostess lately.  In fact, I was thinking this past weekend when I was gardening (YES! I finally made it back out into my yard!) that I should take some pictures, and topics were flying around in my mind of subjects I could post about.  I was thinking for the thousandth time that my world has not truly been my own, of late, and how did I ever find time to do this blog thing to begin with?

On August 24, I posted a Quote of the Day.  It was "Do the best that you can in the place where you are and be kind." by Scott Nearing.  I had been searching quotes (it is a hobby, believe it or not).  I believe I put "quotes on finding peace" in my Google search.  Mr. Nearing's quote spoke to me.  I believe I was most likely pondering life in general and how my choices have brought me to this place where I am and how life does throw a curve ball every once in a while.  I was having a trying day and Mr. Nearing nudged me in the right direction....reminding me to do my best and to be kind.  I read that to mean be kind to myself as well. Yes, thank you, I will work on that.

The cause for comments came because I mentioned that I did not know who Mr. Nearing was or is.  My fellow blogger friend Lili from Fearless Nesting (a Mainer, no less!) let me know that he has ties to Maine and that I should check out his website.  I have forgotten to do that, but with another nudge....I am off to take a look at it next:

Today, I received this:

Dear Carol,

Scott Nearing was a far sighted and brilliant man married to a woman of the same ilk, Helen Nearing. You need to read their books. Transplants to Maine who influenced countless life courses. They lived on Cape Rosier and I believe Eliot Coleman was influenced by them. Start out by reading The Good Life. They lived deliberately and taught others to do the same.

All joys to you,
Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

My second thought, after the one above, was "Hmmm, that name is familiar.  I like the entire title also.  I need to research her and send a thank you note."  So I did.  What I found myself saying next was "Oh....THAT Sharon Lovejoy!"  Then...."Oh my!  She wrote to me!  How did I ever get on her radar screen?  Oh my! Oh my!"'s true.  I sat here gushing about it for a little while.  I am humbled. I am honored.  And in my note to her I promised (sort of) that I would not fall all over myself with the gushing, but I fear that is just what I am doing, so.....

I just love when something new comes to my attention that reminds me of a few things; and when I say new, I also mean new again.  I had seen the articles about Ms. Lovejoy in Country Living.  That is where I first learned of her.  I have seen her books and will be adding "Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars" to my collection very soon because it is "Grandma's Bags of Tricks" and I love being a grandma more than just about anything!

My surprise visitor brought these thoughts to me this morning as well.  First that we are all connected in ways we do not realize.  She and I are fellow "followers" of three of the same blogs:  Fearless Nesting, Cat Crossing Farm, and 2 Bags Full.   I have read and love three of the same books she has listed as her favorites also:  "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society," "Grayson," and "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle."  I also was reminded that I am in the midst of a children's writing class and am sorely behind in my assignment.  There is much I can accomplish if I continue pursuing this endeavor.  Sharon Lovejoy is an accomplished writer, illustrator, and lecturer.  I will be happy accomplishing only the first of her three.

It is a small world.  We all are intrinsically linked.  Or is it that when we have like interests we are drawn into the same web?  I was reading our local newpaper yesterday and the travel section mentioned San Luis Obispo.  It caught my eye as these are interesting words to say as they roll off the tongue.  I had heard of it, but had not read the words in a long time and scanned the article to confirm that yes, it is in California.  According to her profile, Sharon Lovejoy is from San Luis Obispo, as well as Maine.  So twice, in as many days, I read the words San Luis Obispo....I like saying the word Obispo

In her blog, Sharon Lovejoy writes about her visit to Beatrix Potter's home in England (how cool is that?!)  Shellagh from Ticking and Toile mentioned the movie Miss Potter the other day and I thought, "Hmmm, I never got around to seeing that movie.  I bet I will love it also. I need to pick that one up for sure."  Seeing Sharon's post reminded me of that yet again.  (And apparently I say "Hmmm" a lot!)

And I'm rambling....... 

Thank you, Sharon Lovejoy for visiting my blog, for sending me your lovely comments, and for inadvertently inspiring me today....on many levels.  I am looking forward to reading Scott Nearing's "The Good Life" and his other works.  And thank you for providing a new quote for me today. 

"Writing is by nature something that must be done alone, through long periods of stillness."  ~Sharon Lovejoy

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  1. Oh Carol, I know just how you feel. I'm constantly humbled by the enormous amount of inspiration here in blogland. You have such a lovely way of expressing yourself, I could really feel the excitement and enthusiasm in your words. Also, thanks so much for including a link back to me on here! xo ~Lili


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