Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Speechless...

I received a package today.  Guess what it was???  It was my Autumn Wonderment package from Donna at d.reyne.  Oh my!  Here is what I saw when I opened the box...

And then...

Followed by all this...

Look at all this loveliness!
Do you see the tote bag?  The dried hydrangeas
in the burlap and chicken wire cone?
The AWESOME burlap pumpkin with the chalkboard
paint tag?  The little cone of treats?  The specially
wrapped Starbucks card?  All the dried fall leaves?
I'm in heaven at this point.
And it all smells so good with the pumpkin sachet.

I am such a bag lady.  I will love using this for years to come!

Look at the details.

Levi smells something good and wants to see what
the fuss is all about!
 Now....where did I put it all?

Out to my little work table in the sunroom.

Green Tea Latte w/Soy....here I come!

Is this not the sweetest burlap pumpkin?
Donna....you have made me feel so special today.  I cannot thank you enough.  I have a million questions, but will save them for an email instead.  I'm still in awe of it all and will continue to enjoy it for so long.

Thank you so....

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.
~Author unknown


  1. Hi Carol!
    I am so thrilled that you love your goodies!
    I wish I had not had a hdhd attack when I wrote your card though!
    I meant to tell you Thank you for helping celebrate my 2ooth follower!
    And May God Bless you with abundant blessings this Autumn!
    Sorry...that's what happens when I am moving to quickly!
    But anyway...I hope you enjoy your goodies and the starbucks card...is for $10...I see I forgot to tell you that too!
    Anywho...have a blessed day!
    I have put a link here to your precious blog so that you can share!

  2. Oh, Carol! How I envy you right now. That box was filled with such lovely things!!! The paper & burlap cones, that pumpkin. Oh. my. goodness.

    Enjoy all of your wonderful Autumnal goodies,

  3. Oh my goodness Carol! Lucky , lucky you!! I love everything that Donna sent to you. I wonder if she sells the totes? I will have to ask her. It is just beautiful!!!
    CONGRATS to you for such an amazing win!! I will be back to your beautiful blog and I am your newest follower!

  4. That's a whole lot of loveliness right there Carol! What an amazing package Donna put together. Love your workspace in your sunroom and that sweet shot of Levi checking it all out! ~Lili

  5. Some overwhelming goodness from sweet Donna. She sure knows how to make a girl feel special with all the details.
    Enjoy your wins!


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