Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm a Winner & 50th Post!!

I am the oh-so-very-proud winner of d.reyne's Over 200 Followers Give-Back!  I throw my hat in the ring for many of these very fun drawings, but have never won before.  So....what did I win?  Donna calls it Autumn Wonderment (sounds wonderful, don't you think?)  It is a tote filled with goodies, including a burlap pumpkin that I can't wait to see.  I will show you all the wonderful goodies soon.  How sweet of Donna Reyne to offer this gift as she has so much on her plate.  Please see my older post on her Tinker House and this post on the project she is working on at Horton's.  Really....where does she get the energy?  I'm sensing a shoe theme for the Christmas Open House.  Oh, how I love shoes....I will have to follow this one closely and I hope you all do also.  Many thanks to you again, Donna...for the give-back and for joining me as a follower. 

As for my was a doozy!  I worked with two clients yesterday with my 9-month-old design assistant, Kloe Marie, in tow.  She was a trooper and is just an angel.  It went well at both appointments.  One client is a young family moving into an 80's house and trying to bring it up-to-date for their young family.  My second visit was with Susan Stokes.  See her previous project here.  Susan is getting married in January and she and her future hubby have decided to stay in her lovely water-front home and add an incredible master suite......complete with an awesome CLOSET!!!  Both projects have what I call  an Upscale Tropical look that is very popular here in South Florida.  I am honored to be working with both of these clients....who are also my friends.  They put a great deal of trust in me and I take that very seriously.  I will be sure to share pictures as both of these projects will be quite beautiful.

I did get a few minutes to run around the backyard this afternoon to take a few photos before the sun went down. 

The Dixie Chicks on their evening walk-about.
See the shed?  Can you envision my own version
of Tinker House here?  Oh....I can see it SO clearly!

Kloe chewing on her pink cowboy boot (every girl needs
a pair, right?), chickens and a dog in the mix.  My husband
has successfully acclimated all our pets to live as one.

This is the entrance into the coop.  See the beauty berry in
full color to the left?  Hanging just above...a gorgeous
chocolate mint in the basket.  We just got it today and it
smells delicious!

Our orchids are in full bloom.  That is Gracie in the background.

This is my husband's creation....appropriately named Wilson.
Levi, our beagle, in the background.
Spanish lavender and a trailing rosemary in one pot.
Scented geranium to the left.
Fall zinnia's in the ground on the right.
And finally, this is my 50th post here on this blogspot, including a few from my aim at this a few years ago.  In the grand scheme of what is going on in the blogosphere, I'm still an infant, but I feel that I am starting to grow and I find that mighty exciting. 

Sending a big, giant wish to all for an incredible week ahead!!


  1. It looks tropical where you are with all those gorgeous outdoor plants! And oooh chocolate mint plant, I had never heard of that one before. Congrats on the win and your first 50 posts! And you will keep us updated on your designs for your clients too, I just love a good before and after!! ~Lili

  2. Would love to have you come over to my blog & link a garden post to Cottage Flora Thursdays - i am looking for other gardeners excited for spring & need a little pick me up while we wait! xoxo


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