Thursday, January 13, 2011

Borrowed Pictures and Feeling the Love!

Yes, it's really me!  Can you believe how long it's been since my last post?  I simply cannot.  AND....I only have a quick second to write this one and send it out.

I saw this picture on one of my favorite blogs, Inspired Design, and it really grabbed me.  I had to just stare at it and figure out what exactly it was that attracted me so. (To be really inspired, visit Debby's Inspired Design blog daily.  Her's is a most beautiful blog!!)

I am loving the wallpapered accent wall.  I would especially love it if was a stamped/colored grass cloth. Notice that it doesn't go all the way to the ceiling, which tells me this room has a gorgeous vautled ceiling.  I love that there is a little molding cutting it off a bit and a curved wall, too.  And love, love, love the shelving.....half open, half with a door.  My books would be most happy there.  The window seat is calling my name.  I could even sit there in the dark as my new NookColor is back-lit (more on that later).  Finally.....the bed looks so inviting in the natural linens and cottons.  Clean, cool, soft...the makings of a good night's sleep.

I love these two necklaces from Bittersweet Designs.  I'm hoping to learn to make something similar from the classes I'm getting ready to take, however, I love to buy these sweets too.  In fact, I'm wearing one of my Bittersweet necklaces today.  I really love it!  Thank you, Laurie, for always presenting such style!  The pearls are so lovely....I don't have one of those yet....maybe someday!
Well, I just had to share these quick thoughts and pictures this morning.  It is back to work for me.  I do have so much to share, too, but alas, it will have to wait.  From the brown transferware gifts from my mother, to the jewelry making classes from my husband (and the Nook), to my granddaughter's first birthday, and the vanity waiting for a quick redo for my other granddaughter, Taylor's, fourth birthday today, AND my first trip to IKEA.  Please hang on....I'll be back soon.

P.S.  I guess I'm in a LOVE mood today.  I used that word profusely today.  Nothing wrong with that, I guess!  LOVE to you all!!!

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