Thursday, December 2, 2010

Linky Party - Christmas Vignette


I remember the first time I ever heard the word "vignette."  It was while devouring my first Victoria magazine....the original one....many years ago.  I was in my early 20's and a friend had that magazine.  I instantly became a faithful follower.  It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with decorating and learning my own style. I fell in love the word and the concept on the spot. 

Today I share with you pictures of my Christmas vignettes and join the Linky Party you see above.  Please check out Rhoda of Southern Hospitality to see so much loveliness and inspiration.

I am still tweaking my home and will do more this weekend.  I want to add more natural elements, plants, etc.  So I'll add more pictures next week.  But for today.....Welcome to my home.

This is my favorite vignette.  I repurposed the chicken wire
and burlap cone I received from Donna with
poinsettias, wooden beads, and greenery.
This little area is my "tree" space.  More little trees to be added.

Thirty years of collecting Santas.

If you live in Florida, you must have Santas on the beach.
I think it is the law.

On the buffet under the tv.  I love this very old
Christmas card.  The theme here is
Woodland Christmas at the Seashore.
(Hence....the lighthouses.)

I always felt I couldn't get away with decorations that were too
girlie when I was outnumbered by my son and husband.
So I collected a more masculine, rustic decor that I have added onto
over the years.  I still like it.  The lighthouses were added for my
husband who is in the yacht business. 
So me to be accommodating to all.

This year, I added a new tree.  It is the girlie tree I have always
wanted!! She is a beautiful 4 foot, table top tree
in an urn.  I decorated her with burlap and birds
and other treasures.  It is the Mimi and Kloe tree
(me and my granddaughter).

This is one of my favorite Smith & Hawken ornaments. 
Oh, how I miss them, especially at Christmas!
(I will have to see if they are back online....
I heard a rumor....)

Okay, I will admit that I cleaned out our local
Pottery Barn.  I couldn't help it.  I just love
their Christmas story this year.  I will continue
to add some hand-made and natural elements.

It's not Christmas without the Nativity. 
This one was once my grandmother's
(I think), then my mother's. 
I love the natural cream against the warm wood.

Front porch vignette.....Florida style.

I noticed that we do a lot of "welcoming" here.
The first one...

A double whammy!

And yet a fourth....from my days of collecting
for the Woodland Christmas.

And some "warm wishes" thrown in for good measure.

The scene all lit.  Sprout is on our tv 24/7 for Kloe.
I think I know all the songs by heart!!

Santa came early!  Gracie takes a nap.  I think
she likes the burlap tablecloth.
So....a few more pictures will follow, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to play along and join the party!!  Now I will browse around all the others.  This is a mighty big party and I don't want to miss a thing!
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  1. Everything looks so beautiful and of course Gracie too :)! I love your collections!

  2. Stopping by from the vignette party! You have so many pretty vignettes. Wow! I love your burlap cone with the poinsettia. What a great Santa collection you have... so fun! :)


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