Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Delivery

That is what I received today!!  My special delivery from Shari Replogle of Plays with Paper.  I was thrilled to see the package on the table when I walked in from a very long and busy day.  Look at these beauties...

What a sweet, sweet drawstring bag with an
even sweeter tag!

Look what was inside!

This is the flip side of the lovely neckace.
To me, it now became something that could
be worn year-round. 

But, I really love the Santa side too.
I can't wait to wear this tomorrow to work.

Thank you again, Shari, for sharing your beautiful work with me.  Please see some more of her work in the Winter 2011 Belle Armoire Jewelry.  I picked it up and am trying to make my way through it.  LOTS to see and learn from this gem.  Right now it is my "red light" magazine.  Yes, I'm one of those who has to be beeped at so I will put my book down when the light turns green.  Annoying, I know.  Sorry.

I ran to one of my favorite local antique shops at lunch today to shop for a piece of pink depression glass for a co-worker whose name I drew.  I didn't find the right piece for her, but I did find a sweet little bargain for me.  I rarely see green transferware.  This platter was marked only $10 "as is."  I inspected it and didn't see any big chips or scratches so I was not sure why it said that.  When I took it downstairs, the gentleman reminded me about that part.  I said, "It looks good to me!"  I did find a little chip under the edge tonight when I took another look, but I am really pleased.  In my neck of the woods, bargains are pretty hard to come by.  Take a look...

My table is covered with mail, wrapping paper,
Christmas cards.  And, I think I see my reflection
in the plate.  Nice.  Isn't it a sweet find though?
I almost forgot to mention that it was "on sale"
for $8.  SWEET!

A little blurry, but I was pleased with the markings
on the underside.

This is something I am unfamiliar with.  A letter "P"
was pressed into the porcelain when it was wet.
Does anyone know the significance of that?
Very interesting...
And finally, as it is getting late, and I'm in for another very long day tomorrow...I've been stealing moments to look at my new Barbra Streisand design book.  I have one word for you....WOW!  It has been written by her, and her alone.  It is like she is sitting across the table from me and telling me all about her home.  The majority of the pictures were taken by her as well.  I'm not that far into it, but know I will continue finding special moments to read a few pages and examine the glorious pictures.  For example, the first couple pages include a fold out panaramic picture of the front of her "elegant farmhouse" painted a deep red with white trim and black shutters.  The next page unfolds to the entire back of the house....painted all white and looking like it belongs on Nantucket.  Beautiful!!

I bid you all a good night and wish you sweet dreams.


  1. Hi sweet Carol!
    Isn't it fun how
    fellow bloggers
    pack their lovely
    surprises? YOURS
    are beautiful! And
    I had to laugh at
    red light/green light.
    Your platter is so ME.
    I could see it piled
    with Christmas cards.
    Love the price, too!
    I'm curious about the
    Babs book. It sounds
    Happy Tuesday!
    xx Suzanne
    We are such a multi-
    tasking society : )

  2. Hi Carol,
    I am so glad that you liked your treats =).
    Your platter is gorgeous!
    I have a big thing for green Transferware myself. You're right you don't see it as often , so that way I behave !! You got an awesome deal for sure.

  3. What a great idea to give something vintage for a gift. You'd be the best secret santa!

  4. A lovely package for you dear Carol! Isn't it such fun to receive treasures from your friends? That vintage plate is just stunning - what a find for $8!!! Beautiful!!

    Merry Christmas - hope your holidays are oh so special!


  5. Any platter, plate or teacup I find from England I always bring home with me (as long as the price is reasonable that is!) Love your new treasure and what a pretty package Shari put together for you. Hope you'll be wearing that Santa necklace tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you Carol! xo ~Lili


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