Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book Giveaway and a Birthday!!

I have mentioned my favorite gardening blog A Way to Garden before.  Margaret Roach is giving away an advanced copy of her upcoming book and I shall have some peace there.  It is ON THE TOP of my must-read list.  I am hoping to win it, but won't dally at all in ordering it for myself.  Please pop on over, take a look, and enter.  The deadline is Saturday, December 11. 

On another note, we are enjoying some cold weather here in South Florida.  It was 46 degrees on my drive into work this morning.  So far I haven't had to cover my roses yet, but I am guessing I will before the end of winter.

And is my Aunt Claire's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Aunt Claire!!!  I wish you a most special and blessed day!!!

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  1. Happy birthday to Aunt Claire!
    A December birthday ~ how special.
    This book looks wonderful and
    the kind I love to lose myself in.
    Your Christmas vignette post was
    just darling. Loved visiting!!
    xx Suzanne


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