Friday, December 10, 2010

Books and Vintage Friday

I am SUCH a book hound.  I just can't help myself.  I would like to "blame" my mother, but that would have negative connotations, when I really mean, "Thank you, Mom, for sharing your love of books with me!!"  I just love them so. I received my shipment from HomeStyle Book Club:  (Oh.......the JOY!!!)

I have done a cursory view of each and am LONGING for a day  (or more) to myself to devour, read, and savour EVERY WORD.... I am beyond happy.... I have no more words.....  (Christmas break is coming...almost 2 weeks off!!  Plenty of time for reading....I hope.)

For Debra's Common Ground ~ Vintage Inspiration Friday....I really love vintage everything.  However, today, these two pictures really spoke to me.  I know when a space works for me because I instantly feel calm.  Just looking at these two pictures brings calm to my mind and heart. 

I'm actually not one who usually like too much white.
I love color, HOWEVER, what I love, love, love
is that sink mounted in that beautiful antique dresser.
The different shades of whites and creams, and
the different textures bring enough interest to me
that I feel I could live with it.  BUT, don't you think
if the walls were painted the palest of greens, it
would be just perfect??  See....I can't help myself!
I could live here....year 'round...24/7.
If you need me, I'll be sitting in the wicker chair
enjoying a cup of tea and reading one of those
books listed above. 
Enjoy a most perfect weekend, my dear friends!!

Two bottom picture credits: 
Sink, etc.:  Robin Stubbert Photography via
Garden sitting room:


  1. Super fun reads, hope you have a little quite time to enjoy them this weekend. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Hi Carol, oh how I love to receive a wonderful book in the mail. What a treat! Love your gorgeous images, yes, that dresser is fabulous, and green WOULD look beautiful. So glad yo linked up with VIF!


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