Monday, June 14, 2010

"With the Mother"

What do you think that could mean? What is the “mother of vinegar” anyway? I was introduced to this product as a acid-reducing remedy for my always acid-containing stomach. It is an acquired taste, that is for sure. I will say that it does work though….a shot or so in water a few times a day. I keep mine in the frig as I find it easier to tolerate. (Just a little tidbit for you today…) I have mothers on the brain today. You know which one I mean….Mother Earth. Although my own sweet mother is always very close in my thoughts also (I love you, Mom!).

I am a very non-confrontational person. Note the byline again….”woman in search of peace…” I don’t fight back well. I keep things to myself and let them fester (hence the acid-containing stomach). I’m the “fixer” always trying to keep everyone happy. I am neither overly conservative, nor overly liberal. I even just officially changed my party affiliation to the hopefully gender-neutral “Independent.” I have been a Democrat since becoming a registered voter as a senior in high school. I come from a Kennedy-loving, Catholic, family of Democrats. I will never forget my father’s tyraid on my older brother who so proudly announced that he signed up to be a Republican, thinking that was what “we” were. He had to go back to school and change it the next day.

I digress…

With all that being said, I would be remiss if I did not share my thoughts about today being Earth Day. If you really know me, you know I may have actually hugged a tree or two before. It’s true. There is a big tree in my back yard that has felt my embrace more than once. I have a very large (extremely gigantic) ficus tree in my yard that I have been trying to save from my husband’s axe for about three years now. Its roots travel the neighborhood. I am worried that an errant limb will crash into our roof during a hurricane. During berry season, it sends millions of berries to the ground that soon rot, smell, and attract millions of flies (that is when I am almost ready to get my own axe out). However, right now, it is home to many birds building their nests, squirrels, and lizards; we’ve even had a hawk or two up there. And even though I have my eye on three Zone 10 apple trees (who knew??) from Seeds of Change, I cannot fathom losing her. I love this Earth, you see, and so many of her gifts. In Her honor, I will be kind to Her today (and hopefully She thinks I always am). In my non-confrontational manner, I will not rant and rave and be extreme in trying to convince all to change their light bulbs, turn off their lights, quickly close the refrigerator door (“Are you trying to cool the whole neighborhood?!”), recycle, recycle, recycle, walk more, drive less, bring your own bags to the store, eat locally and organically, plant a Zone 10 apple tree or two… I will only ask that you admire Her beauty today, kiss the ground, hug a tree.

Look at this sweet gift I received when I stepped into my backyard this morning. It’s Her day and I got the gift! Two different morning glories, one pot, all started from seed. (I’m always so amazed when I accomplish that!)

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Earth laughs in flowers.” It’s true.

(Reprinted from my blog dated April 22, 2010.)

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