Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rainy day and thoughts a'brewing...

It's been quiet so far. I will take it. No complaints here. I've even been giving thoughts to my own personal goals. This IS truly the year that I am going to get serious about yoga and fitness and correct eating. I keep telling myself that I can look any way I want to look and be anything I want to be. So I REALLY want to continue my GF (gluten-free) lifestyle. It makes me feel so much better. However, even just last night I had some of that incredible brown bread at Cheesecake Factory. Will I ever learn? I had some bread last weekend and basically suffered all week with minor symptoms. I knew exactly where they came from, but still "enjoyed" two very small little wedges. Hopefully it won't hurt too badly. However, if it doesn't hurt, then I think I can stay on that trend, and I really cannot. And I want to see how yoga can really transform my body. I know it can. I have to make time for it. Even though I cannot really afford to take the classes I want, I have dvd's here at home. There are just no excuses. I know the regime of walking, yoga, GF eating and vegetarian all the time and vegan most of the time is going to transform me. It is where I feel the best. I have weight to lose and muscle tone to gain back. Hopefully in the process, I will add stronger bones and more years to my life. It will also help me mentally/emotionally. I am embarrassed by my appearance which keeps me away from certain events and any cameras. It doesn't help that my husband always makes me feel so beautiful. That is not normally a complaint, but he is always so encouraging and showers me with compliments that I get laxidasical. I'm so blessed to have him.

So...yes, I am still in "personal journal" mode with this thing and will keep it up for as long as I need to, I guess. At some point, I will turn this back into my "business" blog that I hope will bring me business and be an outlet for creativity. Today though, I'm cool with just chatting to myself and getting myself in some kind of "mode." Tootles....

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