Tuesday, March 22, 2011

End of Book Remorse

Do you know what I mean?  You spend time really enjoying a book......and then it is over?  That is where I am today.  I just finished And I Shall Have Some Peace There by Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden dot com.  I mention her and her site often.  If you garden at all, hers is a must read and visit site.  Even though I am in a Zone 10 garden and she in a Zone 5B (or A....can't recall at this moment), and our gardening is so very different, sometimes it really isn't.  I gleen tidbits here and there, and truly just enjoy the visit.  If you don't garden, just enjoy the beautiful pictures in her many slide shows.  Did I mention the wee bit of envy I have over how Ms. Roach escaped the big city to dwell in the country?  Her home and garden are her life's work now, and I find the idea of that absolutely wonderful and peaceful. 

Hopefully, you also saw her bird article in last Sunday's Parade.  There are so many of us bird lovers out there.  I know I do not take advantage of seeing and searching for the many different birds that are still in my neck of the woods.  But, if one more of my friends tell me a Painted Bunting visited their feeder.....!!!  I may have had a quick sighting of one last spring, but not the many that some of my friends get year after year. I must make my yard more inviting for them.

I failed to mention that I read Margaret's book on my NookColor.  If you have one, I encourage you to download it there as there are beautiful bonus pictures that the regular book does not have.  You will love them as much as I did, I know.  (I believe it is on the iPad version as well.)

"Did you ever just want to walk away?" asks Margaret Roach in her newest book. 


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  1. I just adored her
    bird article in
    Parade. Such a
    parallel to life
    and wonderful wisdom.
    I need to check out
    her site!!
    xx Suzanne


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