Tuesday, February 8, 2011

White Wednesday ~ Florida Style!!

I've been tossing this idea around for a few weeks now.  Living in South Florida, as I do, I have a LOT of shells in my house.  Many of which are basically white.  The perfect thing for a Faded Charm White Wednesday entry.  Here are some pictures I made tonight in my home.  Please take into consideration that I don't have one of those fancy cameras that so many other bloggers have these days (though I love them AND the beautiful pictures they take!!);  AND that I probably don't know how to take advantage of the settings that my little Olympus Stylus TOUGH (shockproof/waterproof) camera has.  I had to get this one as I dropped our last camera in the water on a kayaking trip.  I'm a little rough with cellphones and cameras, but that is another blog post.....

Please enjoy my little pictures....

This is a picture that I gave my husband for our anniversary one year.
If you've ever been to Key West, you may recognize Pepe's.
It is one of our favorite restaurants and where we ate our first meal
as a married couple years ago.  It looks EXACTLY like this...
down to the graffitti and bike.

I got this at Pottery Barn a few years ago.
I know it isn't real, but I like it just the same.

White shell frame.
This is my older brother, Jerry, with a prized tarpon.

There are lots of bowls of shells here in the Bass household!

I live in a little historical Florida house....
lots of little nooks and crannies....
perfect for a conch shell!

Speaking of nooks and crannies....
I believe this once housed an ironing board....
IN the dining room!!
I wallpapered sea charts in the backgound
and added MORE shells!

More shells in the kitchen...
When we go to the beach and pick up little
treasures, it gets dropped into this vase.
The Madonna & Child ceramic once lived
in my Grandma Schmitz's kitchen window.
If the house sets afire....I run to the kitchen to save
this (after getting my Kloe-Angel, of course!!).

Shells in the bathroom!

A little vignette I put on my dining table.
My favorite things....an old silver tray,
pink depression glass salt and pepper shakers,
beautiful flowers and herbs from my garden,
a clear footed dish full of....you guessed it....
SHELLS (and purchased seaglass).

 I hope my Florida-style whites fit the bill for this week's entry.  Can you believe there have been 86 White Wednesdays????  Incredible.  I am getting this prepared tonight as I expect a busy Wednesday at my work tomorrow.  I pray your day and the rest of your week is MOST wonderful!!


  1. Your shells are beautiful and I think they definitely fit in with the White Wednesday theme:) My dad lives in FL and I love to collect shells when I visit. For some reason, here in So Cal we don't have any shells our beaches...weird!

  2. I love shells, coral, drift wood, sea fans and that gorgeous stuff that comes from the sea!

  3. Lovely! What a cute blog. I love the little eggs. :)


  4. Love your beachy chic little white things!


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