Sunday, August 8, 2010

Churchill Downs

I happily finished my second Green Paper challenge this afternoon.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but I had a lot to stuff into this weekend.  I did a little research on Lady Churchill, but could not find anything I could latch onto artistically.  She was born in the U.S., but lived in the U.K. when she had her two sons.  Winston, of course, we are all familiar with.  She married three times in her lifetime.  Her last two husbands were only a few years older than Winston.  She was a most generous, philantropic woman, but still....I was having trouble.  So, I took artistic privilege with her name and went down the "Churchill Downs" path instead.  I had visions of more items to add to this piece, but the weekend slipped away from me and I decided to use only what I already had on hand.  Here she is:

She is a collage mounted on a tab divider page.  I used the three provided  images, plus some other images I had on hand and some torn pages from old books.  Here are two of my favorite parts of this piece:

I love this picture of the two girls with the new horse that Mom (the Lady herself) bought with the big check ($70...what a bargain!).  I also love the layering of birds here and the hand-stamped words on the tab.

I printed Lady Churchill's picture on velum as I did in the first challenge and hand-colored the sash and bows.  What I love here is how the torn pages layered beneath show through her image.  Some distress ink smudged on top finished it off nicely.

I put rings in the three holes and tied some old ribbon to each.  I had a few other images I would have loved to attach like an image of a loving cup or an actual small blue ribbon.  Time was not on my side, but all-in-all, I am pleased with the results.  So now....I'm off to post this with Green Paper and check out the other entries as well.  I hope to see yours there too!


  1. beautiful! your pieces are always so full of meaning and so well thought out!

  2. I really enjoyed your piece...very clever and the ribbon!

  3. Carol, I love seeing her printed on vellum overlapping the text beneath her. It's perfect!


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