Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little bird told me....

Look at these sweet babies.  Can you make them out?  There are two little baby birds...ring-necked doves, we believe.  If you look closely, you can make out their big black beaks. (Click on the picture to enlarge it, then you can really see them!) This nest is located in the atrium area where I real job, that pays the bills (or trys to) and provides the insurance.  Momma bird built a little nest in a tree with few branches.  The branch broke and the nest fell with the babies intact.  A women on the second floor donned some gloves and placed it in this plastic bowl, then secured it to the tree with twist ties.  Additionally, she cordoned off the walkway under the tree to make sure Momma didn't feel threatened.  The babies are doing fine and I've heard Momma makes several trips to them a day.  I haven't seen her though, so I was very pleased to hear she was making her rounds.  Little does she know that she chose a wonderful place to build her the Land of Momma's!!  There are two other women from another department who get leftover bread from our cafeteria and walk it out to the ducks and other birds that frequent our little pond out back just about every day.  I know there are mixed feelings about animals getting too attached to people and the food they provide, but I don't think these woman can help the mother instinct in them. 

I love finding sweet nature in our everyday world.  I try to make an effort to see something hidden about that others might miss....a tiny bird hiding in the branches of a shrub, a lizard or moth camoflaging on tree bark, even the black racers that have all of a sudden become a bit prevalent to our front yard don't bother me.  They're not poisonous and they take care of pests.  I don't know why we've seen so many of late.  My son pointed out two to me the other day.  Yesterday he said he had seen a few more since.  The same ones??  Who knows? 

This mockingbird greets me morning, noon, and night from the parking lot at work with a very loud and bright song.  It's almost like he is beckoning a response from me.....and I usually give him one. (Again, give it a click to see it a bit closer.)  He's always alone.  To whom is he calling?  Why won't she answer?


Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.  ~Langston Hughes

No bird soars too high if he soars on his own wings.  ~William Blake

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  1. It is amazing what happens all around us on a daily basis that we may have missed had we never become in tune with it! Love that you folks are looking out for the momma bird and her chicks! ~Lili


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