Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From My Little Corner...

I have mentioned our sunroom addition on several occasions.  Here is one favorite corner.  I don't get to enjoy it very often.  It seems like I am always running, but it is MY GOAL to spend 15 minutes least.....a day. 

The item of most interest right now to me is the secretary top.  I found this beauty a few years ago in a shop that refinishes and paints just about everything they get their hands on. I guess I do too, but not in the same style. They had not gotten to this piece yet and I said I love it as it is!  Even though I instantly fell deep and hard for this piece, it was intended for my booth.  I was excited to be offering it as I found it so unusual.  I intended to give it a good sand, then repaint it, giving it the A Bird in Hand treatment.  The first sanding got through some of the grime.  Inside, it is still the original wood and varnish finish. The store where I found it offered it on this old iron stand.  The hubster said it looks like an old fish tank stand.  I said it looks perfect to me!  (Oh, did I mention, it is now a keeper?  I just can't part with it!)

The more I sanded, the more this little feature was revealed to me.

Look at the aqua blue trim!  It was under the creamy white and I was thrilled!!  I knew right then and there that this piece was already close to perfect to me.  So I continued this plan, sanding, cleaning, and revealing its special qualities.

After having perused Where Bloggers Create II and Where Women Create, I had a brain storm.  Why not make the sunroom my place to create?  It has to still be functional as a room in our house, so I can't have too much out in the open.  This piece is full of little nooks and crannies perfect for all my art supplies I had stowed away in the bottom of my bookcase.  While I love my bookcase, for me to do any project means lugging out everything just to see what I have....not very user friendly.  This past weekend, we finally brought this beauty home from our storage area as I was just itching to get my hands on all my goodies and get them organized.  Here is what I did....

I had forgotten I had some (most) of this stuff!  I'm so excited to have these goodies at my fingertips now.  I have been going over a few things that I want to play with.  I really like using my stamps and tags, and am looking forward to playing with them.  I also have what used to be an old kitchen work table that I want to bring out next to be my work table.  It will be under the main windows of the sunroom creating the most perfect view!  I always think of Diane Keaton's view from her writing desk in Somethings Gotta Give.  Can you imagine?

This picture does not do it justice, but I know you remember.....just lovely.....

Anyhoo.....when not in "art" mode, my little corner looks like this:

Everything all neat and tidy, and in its place.

The only thing missing here is me!!!


  1. Oh my, what a perfect spot to create! And I love love love your secretary top, complete with that wonderful shade of aqua you uncovered. Love all those cubby holes for your art supplies. And yes, one of my favorite movies, definitely covet her writing space! ~Lili

  2. Hi Lili! So happy to hear from you. Isn't this piece just wonderful??!! I had to watch that movie just last night just to see her special place too. Hope you have a magnificent Maine day today!! Carol

  3. Oh Carol...I can SEE WHY you couldn't part with this lovely piece!!!!!! Look at the cubbies and the gorgeous layers of paint ~ and this is a great idea to have this be a creative space! Your entire sunroom is beautiful...have a great weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  4. It's gorgeous! I am so happy you took the keep it simple route. It would have been a shame to repaint that piece. And what a great place to store your supplies.
    Your room looks so inviting.
    See you next time


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